The Unique philosophy is based on technical superiority and service with a "no nonsense" policy. Unique is not a faceless company on the end of an e-mail address or automated phone system. It is run by real people you can talk to whenever you need answers, and by providing precisely the right products at the right time we will enable your company to further improve its service, while helping to strengthen your corporate identity. Unique, through its wholly owned manufacturing facilities, enthusiasm and unrivalled experience, has remained at the forefront of this specialised sector of the automotive market, providing innovative solutions for lease companies throughout the UK.

Whatever your Driver Pack requirement may be, Unique are able to supply that pack. Whether you require bulk delivery, or direct to dealer, we are able to put a supply program together for you. We aim to take away from you all the problems and headaches associated with collation of products, distribution and administration - you need not see a single pack, but can be assured that we are looking after your dealers, customers and business interests.