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More & more customers are choosing Unique Products UK, as their car accessory provider. Why not find out what all the fuss is about?

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Carpet, Trim & Cotton Colours today

We tailor Car Mats, Boot Liners, Bumper Protectors, Wind Deflectors and more for over 4000 vehicles worldwide!

Looking for Car Mats? The ultimate collection of exclusive car mat colours is just a click away! Design and create your perfect mat set using the newly innovative Car Mat Creation system (available only on our most prestigious car mats). We're leading the way in car mat manufacturing, and it's undeniably clear that we are at the forefront, ahead of any competitor, offering the very best quality materials and the highest standard of customer service to our valued and loyal customers.

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Whatever your requirement, we've got it covered! Browse through thousands of Tailored Accessory Products and choose from a selection of Boot Liners, Bumper Protectors, Car Mats, Vinyl Wall Arts & More!

We take great pride in our products
From design to manufacture, we promise 100% excellent quality

Why choose Carmats4u? No other competitor offers more than we do. From our 'Patent Protected' Weld-Wide Car Mats, to our Fully Tailored PVC Boot Liners with a Patent Protected Carpet Insert. With thousands of possible colour variations to choose from, you can match your vehicles interior perfectly.

Stunning Colours
& Unique Materials

Choose from, literally millions of colour combinations & unique material textures to perfectly complement your car interior. Each mat set is carefully crafted & perfected by our team of professional technicians.