Questions and Answers

Do you manufacture the car mats or are they made elsewhere and supplied?

We manufacture our own car mats, offering 4 quality choices. ALL mats are 'fully tailored' for a specific fit and colour coordinated for every vehicle interior. Rubber/PVC mat sets are also made available for light commercial vehicles. In our opinion, it is vital to have this manufacturing process 'in house' for immediate response to any problem, obscure model or a 'just in time' required service. You may be very surprised as to who does and does not manufacture in the UK.

Are the mat sets limited to Black or Grey colours?

We have the widest range of colours within our industry and depending on the quality of mat selected, we can offer, as standard: BLACK, GREY, ANTHRACITE, BLUE, BEIGE and even RED. With a choice of over 25 types of edge binding materials, a mat set can be manufactured to, perhaps, coordinate with your corporate colours.

Can you apply a logo to the mat sets?

We have many ways of applying logo/design, including 'Laser Etching', an industry first.

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan?

Yes we do. We operate from 2 independent units and should there be a problem, such as a fire or flood, we can manufacture exactly the same from our 'sister' building. ALL computer software is 'backed up' every evening and information taken away from the premises.

If you secure our business, do you have the production capacity?

We operate and maintain a 25% 'safety level' to ensure that extra manufacturing is possible at immediate notice.
Our new 'state of the art' computer controlled cutting machinery enables us to manufacture mat sets at a faster rate than industry norms and with less wastage that results in more competitive pricing.

How green is your company?

We have attained the coveted ISO 14001: 2004 accreditation, and working towards "Carbon Offsetting" to minimize the effect of the company's Carbon Footprint - working towards the ISO Standard 14064.

What order and reporting systems do you operate?

We have everything covered – Ebbon-Dacs Leaselink system, dedicated on-line web page with Unique and you, which you and your dealers can use should Ebbon-Dacs not be an option. Apart from these on-line systems, we can, of course, design the relevant forms for dealer use, which can be faxed. We report to you, the lease company, every month with a full report, showing every transaction between us and your dealer network. This shows vehicle registration number, pack requirement(s), date sent and received.

What resources do you have to track urgent orders/deliveries or to answer questions?

We can track, on-line, every 'pack' that is sent and, when needed, pinpoint exactly where it is and give an estimated time of arrival. We DO NOT operate a 'Call Centre', we believe in our accounts managers picking up the telephone and speaking with our customers directly and responding immediately to any question or query.

Can you source and supply printed materials such as Tax Disc Holders, Vehicle Acceptance Forms, Window Stickers etc.?

Yes and we have our own 'in house' Graphics Department to assist in design concepts.

Can you source and supply products for Affinity Marketing and Promotional Programs?

Yes. We have built up a reliable World-wide network of sources for a wide range of products including automotive and non-automotive related consumer products.

If we require it, can you invoice dealers directly at a price that could include an agreed rebate to us?

Yes. We already operate in this manner with other customers and the agreed format for the customers monthly Management Report would show the level of rebates due from Unique.